Piano Valuation

Piano Valuation

Family heirloom?  Has it come time to sell? We can assist you with evaluating your piano as well as confirming the existence of ivory keys.

So you inherited your great grandmothers family heirloom and you want to know its value? Or perhaps it’s come time to sell? We can assist you with evaluating your piano.

As piano tuners and repairers, we have extensive knowledge of these instruments. By firstly identifying the piano manufacturer we are able to tell the pianos estimated construction date using the serial number  (where available) as well as the quality of the instrument and parts.

  We determine the condition of the instrument (see repairs and servicing) and possible repairs needed.
We look at the look and style of the piano and its marketability based on our experience of selling second-hand pianos.
From here we are able to supply you with an estimated selling price and even provide an evaluation certificate for insurance purposes.

 If considering purchasing a piano we would highly recommend allowing us to view a piano before making a decision to purchase, as an investment of any proportion, in grand or vertical models, is worthy of a great degree of care. The fee charged to observe the overall performance and condition of the instrument is nothing when compared to finding out later that you have brought home a costly mistake. Read more on what to look for on when buying a second-hand piano (blog) as well as our new vs second-hand articles (link) on our blog for more info.

When exporting a piano overseas it is required that you obtain a CITES certificate and we can assist you with this process of obtaining the necessary documentation to do so.


We are a Piano Valuation Specialist in S.A


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