Piano Storage

Store Your Piano At An Affordable Price

No space for the piano?
We at The Piano Man can assist.

Why do I need to store my piano?
Are you moving to a smaller place? Maybe you don’t have space for the piano but you are not ready to let the piano go as yet or you want to do some renovations and the piano is in the way and you are worried about it being damaged?

How do I get the piano to you?
No need to arrange transport, we have a fully qualified transport team to collect and deliver your piano to you.
You can also have your piano delivered to us and we will store it safely for you.

Is it safe to store my piano?
It is never ideal to store a piano as much like a vehicle it would be preferable to “keep the engine turning” and ensure that parts do not swell or warp. However, most pianos are built to last 50+ years, sometimes closer to 100, and are very hardy instruments. We will ensure they are stored safely in conditions that suit the pianos which is better than having it stand in a garage or even worse outside. We can accommodate both grand and upright pianos as well as the transport of both.

What is included?
That’s right there’s more, we don’t only store pianos! We will arrange collection as well as delivery of the piano and while the piano is in our custody do a full evaluation of the condition, so perhaps it can be restored or repaired and returned in a condition better than before! Read more about evaluations here.

What are the costs?
Storage of a piano starts at only R350 per month and is billed monthly. Transport packages including delivery and collection are available.

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