The Lifespan of a Piano

Many of us have a much beloved family piano at home that has been passed down through the generations, but have you ever wondered what the real lifespan of the average piano is? The factors that contribute to your piano’s lifespan include: Was it set-up properly? The piano’s first year is absolutely crucial to a

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The difference between piano players and their tuners

Wishing a good day to all who read this. It is nearly a guarantee that at some point in a piano tuner’s career, someone has asked them “so how long have you been playing the piano?” And it might surprise you to know, but a large percentage would say: “I don’t play” Though musicians and

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The Acoustic Piano in comparison to the Digital Piano

You have likely heard your music teacher despair at students wanting to learn on the keyboard. The keyboard is smaller, cheaper and because it samples a limited amount of piano sounds, is very limited in it’s capabilities to express the player’s dynamics. Therefore, many would assume that the same counts for the digital piano. The

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Why It’s Important To Keep Your Piano Clean

I’m sure we can all attest to the beauty of a piano. Whether new or antique it is a magnificent instrument. And that’s only the cabinet, the intricacy of the machinery and the music it produces are wonders in their own rights as well. One of the many things that these three elements have in

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What is Regulation and, why does my piano need it?

You may be asking, what is regulation? Simply put, regulation is the service which a technician performs on your piano(s) where each individual key is set to perform its best. In acoustic pianos everything has to do with leverage. The Afrikaans word for “Keys” is “Klawers” which also means “Levers”. This is the best word

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The History of Concert Pitch

To say that the history of instrument pitches is long and varied would be an understatement. For ages, people had no means of comparing the pitch of their instruments so across the continent of Europe the pitch of  the various Organs, Harpsichords and eventually, pianos varied greatly. Here is a very selective highlight of some

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The Things We Have Found In pianos

Now, here is a story to tell. Besides the parts of pianos that you would expect to find inside of it, over the years I have found some rather unusual items. When there are children in the home, there is a wondrous inquisitiveness at seeing the inside of a piano. There is very often the

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Everyone at The Piano Man was happy to be a part of the fantastic expo that was Kragdag. It was also a pleasure to meet all the people who came to our stall and an even greater pleasure to hear everyone who played our pianos (including our wonderful 1903 Cornish). We were very happy to

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What is tuning?

Tuning comes down to adjusting the tension of the piano strings until they are in harmony with the notes around them. While on the surface that sounds like a simple task there is much more to it than meets the eye. Most pianos have 88 keys, and so it may seem reasonable to conclude that

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The Piano Man Response to CoronaVirus

The Piano Man would like to take the time to assure our clients that we take the utmost care in ensuring the safety of our staff and our customers.As we currently stand (Level 3) we are back to work and can assist you with ALL your piano needs. We are taking all regulatory health and

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