CITES Certification

Leaving the country with your piano is easy

Why does my piano need CITES certification?

When exporting a piano overseas you are required to produce a certificate to confirm the presence of ivory keys on your piano. Most pianos after the 1950’s no longer have Ivory keys and use plastic or composite material but it is a requirement that this is verified by a reputable institution and a certificate are provided. Should you not have this it can result in the entire shipment being blocked from exiting or entering the destination country.

We can assist you with your application to Export your piano.

My piano has ivory –  You will need to obtain an export permit from the Nature Conservation office through an application process. This process requires you to submit documentation and forms to the department as well as having the piano physically inspected to confirm the existence of Ivory. This can take anything from 2 weeks to a month to obtain. We can assist you with this process and have experience in dealing with the department and knowledge of what is needed. Let us take this stress from you and handle the entire process. We work with most of the logistics companies and can work behind the scenes to ensure all is in order.

My piano does not have ivory – Should your piano NOT have ivory keys but is being exported it is important to note that you will still need a certificate from an industry export to confirm that there is no ivory on the piano. We provide a certificate confirming this information, contact us to find out more. We can assist remotely if enough information is available and may not need to view the piano. Contact us for more information

I don’t know if it is ivory or not – No problem, we are here to help, contact us and we will verify the existence of ivory on your piano!

Regardless of your needs, it is highly vital that we start the process as soon as possible as there are documents to obtain as well as many role players involved to get the required permit. 

Take note that a CITES certificate is only valid for a maximum of six (6) months.

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