Piano evaluations

Piano evaluations

We can assist you in putting an estimated rand value to your piano!

We are piano tuners and repairers and have been for over 30 years, in this time we have seen many pianos as well bought and sold many instruments. You can rest assured we have extensive knowledge of Pianos. 

Why would I need my piano evaluated?

  • Family heirlooms/inheritance/estates
  • Maybe it comes time to sell? 
  • Insurance value and claims
  • Buying a piano privately.

How do I get my piano evaluated?

  • Make contact with us via any of our channels or fill in the details below and leave the rest to us.

What influences the value of my piano?
(Not limited to below factors)

  • Brand
  • Age
  • Style of the piano
  • Exterior condition and colour
  • Service history (how often and when last was it tuned)
  • Most importantly the sound, touch and condition of the action, soundboard frame. (See repairs and servicing)
  • Repairs needed
  • Location and difficulty to transport

Where do I find all this information? 

Don’t worry, we will make it easy for you! You just make contact with us and we will arrange someone to come out and obtain all the necessary information and details and we will supply you with a certificate confirming the value. (Call out fee applicable)

I want to buy a piano privately what do I look out for?

We prepared a great article on our BLOG regarding this subject, [read here]. For those who want a quick summary: 

We would highly recommend allowing us to view a piano before deciding to purchase, as an investment of any proportion, in grand or vertical models, is worthy of a great degree of care. The fee charged to observe the overall performance and condition of the instrument is nothing when compared to finding out later that you have brought home a costly mistake. 

We also have an article on buying a new piano vs second-hand Click here 

How do I go about insuring my piano?

Most insurance companies in South Africa do not require you to list a piano as this will form part of the normal house contents. However, the piano must be included in the total insured value to avoid being under insured. We can assist you in selecting the correct value with which to insure your beloved piano as well as provide you with the necessary certification for your insurer. We can insure your piano for either the market or replacement value depending on your requirements, we will advise you of the best option depending on your needs.

Do you have an insurance claim? Fire, flood, water damage? We can assist with the entire process from initial assessment to determine damage to repairs and final tuning on completion of the job. Read more about our repairs and servicing click here


We are the #1 Piano evaluations Specialist in S.A


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