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Name: Bernhard Steiner Upright
Serial Number: 341906


Bernhard Steiner is a South African assembled piano with imported parts, generally from Japan. Colourful chords and a wonderful feel with a responsive action, this instrument will bring joy to many a musician. Suitable for the intermediate to advanced player.

Name: Bernhard Steiner Upright
Serial Number: 360827


Bernhard Steiner is a South African assembled piano with imported parts, generally from Japan. A rosewood-like refurbished cabinet, a brilliant tone, and a dreamy touch. A scintillating show piece in any home. Suitable for the intermediate to advanced player.

Knight piano, brown be

Name: Knight Upright
Serial Number: 20711


Like the Knight’s Templar of old England, a Knight lives up to its name as a valiant and reliable piano. Do not be deceived by its size, this piano has a glorious even tone and has been popular amongst music teachers and other musicians alike. Suitable for the intermediate to advanced player.

Name: Pruchner Upright
Serial Number: K73880

Price: R23 000

A pre-loved piano looking for a new home. A Pruchner is a suitable companion for the beginner to intermediate player, with an easy touch that will assist you in mastering the fundamentals of piano playing.

Name: Dietmann Upright
Serial Number: 09479

Price: R22 000

Dietmann is a well-known South African built piano. These pianos had parts imported from Germany and England typically and were assembled in Wellington until about 1983. A trustworthy instrument that will add colour to your home. Suitable for the beginner to intermediate player.

Name: Wolfram Upright
Serial Number: 18780


Wolfframm was a German manufacturer that was founded in 1872 in Dresden. This tall upright was built during the Golden Era of piano making (1900-1930s). With a classic tone and feel, treat yourself to a bit of German engineering.

Name: Zimmermann
Serial Number: n/a

Price: R18 000


All the way from Leipzig, Germany, a company founded in 1884 by a former Steinway & Sons employee, Zimmermann has always delivered good-quality pianos to your home. A sturdy touch and joyful tone, let Zimmermann show you what the Germans are about. Suitable for the beginner and intermediate player.

Name: Yamaha Eterna
Serial Number:
Price: R40 000

Eterna was a sister company of Yamaha that started in the mid-1990s. These pianos were sold mainly in Asia and has seen many talented hands. A smooth controlled touch combined with a brilliant tone; let your neighbours hear your talents. Suitable for the intermediate and advanced player.

Name: Brasted
Serial Number:
Price: R25 000

Brasted pianos were made by another well-known English company, Eavestaff. An old school, fun-sized English piano with a fresh new satin black finish. This bundle of bliss will easily fit into your home and your heart. Suitable for the beginner and intermediate player

Name: Carl Ecke
Serial Number: 5002

Price: R30 000

Carl Ecke has always been known for their quality of German pianos, but as far as upright pianos are concerned, this one is unique. Not only is it the oldest piano we have for you, but it has an Una-Corda mechanism such as those found on Grand pianos! Sink into a bit of history, feast your eyes on the ornate cabinet and glide your fingers over ivory. Suitable for the intermediate player.

Name: Ludwig Meister
Serial Number: 8536

Price: R22 000

Play with your inner Mozart, play on a Ludwig Meister! Light touch and humble heart make a Ludwig Meister a joy with which to toy. And for those that enjoy Baroque era music, they will not be disappointed. Suitable for the beginner to intermediate player.

Name: 2019 Kawai ND21
Serial Number: F145182

Price: R86 000

A brand that needs no introduction, a Japanese import with a high gloss black finish and black interior. A rich bass and melodic tone throughout make the ND21, an object of envy. When your friends see you with this beauty, they will be sure to take note of it! (No pun intended.) Caress the ears of your family with the sweet, sweet tone of Japanese perfection. Give them the gift of the ND21. 

Name: Cornish (Antique)
Serial Number: 12053

Price: R40 000

Embellish your home with a one-of-a-kind antique. They don’t make them like this anymore, and surely not at this price. Be entranced by the hand-made cabinet with ornate detailing, be enveloped by the rich music that dominates the room. And for all you ragtime lovers, find yourself in a sepia-toned saloon because this instrument, comes with a Honky Tonk rail!

Name: R Lipp & Sohn Grand (Antique)
Serial Number: 25795

Price: R175 000

R. Lipp & Sohn was at a time, one of Germany’s most prestigious Golden Era piano manufacturers. Victorian era legs, hand carved music desk, high gloss black finish, a delicate and precise action, and a luxurious tone. The R. Lipp and Sohn does not disappoint, rather, it leaves your wondering “where has the time gone?” as it transports you on harmonious wings through time immemorial.

Name: Bernard Steiner Grand
Serial Number: 119620
Price: R100 000

Bernhard Steiner is a South African assembled piano with imported parts, generally from Japan. This dark brown, medium sized Grand delivers an impactful musical experience. From Mozart to Rachmaninoff, feel the music vibrate through your digits and look like a professional.

Name: Bluthner Grand (1897)
Serial Number: n/a

Price: R80 000

Since 1853, Bluthner has been delivering high-quality German pianos to homes around the world! Experience a Bluthner unique to those today, experience the classic Bluthner. Rare amongst pianos today, a rosewood cabinet furnishes this lovely medium sized grand with Victorian style legs and hand made music desk, this instrument will surely embrace the heart of any antique lover.

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