The Lifespan of a Piano

Many of us have a much beloved family piano at home that has been passed down through the generations, but have you ever wondered what the real lifespan of the average piano is? The factors that contribute to your piano’s lifespan include: Was it set-up properly? The piano’s first year is absolutely crucial to a […]

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Everyone at The Piano Man was happy to be a part of the fantastic expo that was Kragdag. It was also a pleasure to meet all the people who came to our stall and an even greater pleasure to hear everyone who played our pianos (including our wonderful 1903 Cornish). We were very happy to

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What is tuning?

Tuning comes down to adjusting the tension of the piano strings until they are in harmony with the notes around them. While on the surface that sounds like a simple task there is much more to it than meets the eye. Most pianos have 88 keys, and so it may seem reasonable to conclude that

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