Piano Catalogue

Steinway Model D

R2 500 000 inc. Vat

Length: 274 cm
Width: 156 cm
Net Weight: 483 kg

RIBS: Durable sugar pine for strong string support; hand-fitted ends.
TUNING PINS: Premium blued steel; rust-resistant, nickeled heads.
STRINGS: High-tensile Swedish steel treble; copper-wound Swedish steel core bass.
HAMMERS: Premium wool, moisture-resistant; hornbeam moldings and shanks.
DAMPERS: Premium wool with maple heads for effective dampening.
KEYS: European spruce, chip-proof naturals, slip-proof ebonized sharps.
KEYBED: Quarter-sawn spruce planks, vented for humidity control; solid maple dowel ends.
PEDALS: Heavy, solid brass; soft, sustaining, and full sostenuto.

This beautiful Steinway Model D was manufactured in between 2016 and 2017. It was brought to South Africa all the way from the Steinway factory in New York.

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