valuation_iconAn investment of any proportion, in grand or vertical models, is worthy of a great degree of care. We suggest that after you have “done your homework” and have found what you feel is “the one”, you should have it evaluated by a registered, qualified technician. The fee he or she charges to observe the overall performance and condition of the instrument is nothing when compared to finding out later that you have brought home a costly mistake.

Our evaluations will assess the following:

  The piano’s use: residential or commercial, professional or amateur, recital or concert.
  The size necessary to fill the work space.
  The condition of the instrument.
  The work and cost needed to bring out the best in the piano.

When the purchase choice is between a new, used, or re-manufactured piano, a new piano may appear to be the safest choice. However, a new instrument from a medium level manufacturer can be less desirable than a used one that is at the level required. A quality instrument, restored in the hands of a professional rebuilder can outlast many of today’s newer pianos. If new, determine if there is a warranty.