repairs_iconWe have extensive knowledge of many types of pianos and repair hundreds of pianos every year. Because of the number of manufacturers that once existed there are numerous action types and materials used. Master piano builders continually design and redefine the process, materials and design to try and produce the most pleasing tone and touch.

A good piano tuner must not only be able to tune, but also be able to analyze problems and do the necessary repairs and regulation. Most of the parts needed for repair come from overseas and are costly, besides this they are also sized in differences of millimeters. There are specific techniques and tools to do the repairs.


Very often we find a piano that has been tuned very regularly, but has not been serviced in years. We recommend that a service be done every 5 to 10 years. This would include:

  Stripping the piano
  Vacuuming and cleaning all parts including the back
  De-rusting/cleaning strings
  Polishing brasswork
  Tightening all the bolts and action screws
  Cleaning the soundboard
  Lubrication where necessary
  Re-felting pedalwork
  Feeding and polishing the cabinet

The ability to keep your piano performing at its best and keeping it in good repair will protect your investment in the instrument.